Our hurry up society and bottom line mentality makes speedy transaction a fact of life, but the line must be drawn when it comes to arranging and conducting funerals. The recently bereaved needs sympathy, care and understanding.

It is a common knowledge that making funeral arrangements before was much simpler. Thirty years ago, the general practice was to simply follow what had been previously done for past funerals conducted within the family. While this made the family's decision process easier, too often the funeral lacked personalization and as a result felt depressing and cold. Discovering that this type of funeral service was not meeting customer needs, PHOENIX required helping our customers create a personalized tribute for a life appreciation of the deceased and preserve cherished recollections. Since creating a personalized tribute can be much more involved than simply following in the footsteps of past funerals, we recognized that families would need more care, understanding and compassionate service. Our objective is to make the family understand as to what is promising and then let the family's ingenuity take over. We believe this is perhaps the number one reason as to what makes PHOENIX different from the rest and we have dedicated to deliver to this objective. Customers have responded enthusiastically to these new offerings resulting in increased customer satisfaction with our services and increased perception of value relative to our charges.

No Regrets Service
          Our prices are fair and represent a good value for what you receive. Our staffs are kind, considerate, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable yet professional. Our facilities and livery are modern and well maintained. Using these resources, we wish to exceed your expectations of the services you request.

Planning a funeral is a privilege
•   A chance to think about and express the value
    of the life that was lived.
•   A chance to say goodbye
•   The need to mourn and to embrace painful
     feelings of grief in the coming days. 
People choose cremation for a variety of reasons: philosophical, religious, and even environmental. Others make the decision because cremation is simpler and more natural. If you are considering cremation, it's important to know and understand all of the choices available to you.

Here you may learn about the many different options for personalized services, memorialization, and products that are available to you when you choose cremation.

Within this page, you will discover more uplifting and refreshing ways of saying goodbye. You'll find that choosing cremation opens up endless possibilities for expressing the beauty and the gifts of an individual life, with a myriad of choices for creating a personalized life commemoration.

Options by PHOENIX are dedicated to creating innovative memorial products to serve the needs of individuals like you who want something different. In fact, with the different casket and selections, we draw on creating innovative life-celebrating products for families.

Let us be your guide as you plan The Commemoration of a Lifetime.

Few experiences surpass the power of a commemorative gathering or ceremony. It's an opportunity to bring people together in one place, at one time, for one purpose -- to make a personal statement -- a lasting tribute to the one you loved.

Bringing favorite things to the gathering gives others a chance to share and remember. In what creative ways you can…

You Display a loved one’s interest?

A time for family and friends to visit, share memories and show support.

Whether simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, a ceremony is more meaningful when planned around best-loved activities, hobbies, and interests.
Funeral Service
•   Begin to acknowledge the reality of the death.
•   Feel deep satisfaction that you helped plan a
    meaningful tribute to someone who has meant
     a lot to you.

Service Package
•   Transfer of the remains into our care
•   Embalming and other body preparation
•   Use of Casket/Urn and corresponding
    chapel/viewing facilities
•   Registration of Death Certificate and securing
    of necessary permits
•   24 hour assistance by Funeral Directors and
•   Complimentary - memory folder, wreath,
    mourning pins, etc.
•   Funeral Coach for interment
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